Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crashes, Hair Cuts and Giant Scissors

Tuesday always feels like a weekend. No class all day until illustration at 6:30. Cindy liked my self portrait idea-myself as "The Fool" card from Tarot. The Fool symbolizes journey, and I like the image of myself happily walzting off of a cliff ^^ It was also my first time drawing my new short hair cut! Cheryl took me Saturday to her hairdresser's. The longest part of my hair now is to my chin. I really like it. I haven't told my mom yet, I'm going to surprise her on Parent's Weekend. Afterwards, we went to Cheryl's house for her sister's bday party (and we head there this weekend for her other sister Karrie's party!) and then we went to the demo, where it rained on us :( it was fun tho, but Cheryl is now sick.

I cut out my giant cardboard scissors for the con today. They're as tall as I am (which doesn't say too much). Tomorrow I hope to paint them and put the detail on. I also have to go talk to the girl sewing my costume and give her the pattern I got for the pants. The picture here is who I'm dressing as. I can't wait! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Got Art History at 9 am today woo. I'm tired, but only because we watched Elfin Lied till late last night. The subtitles are so bad but the series is so good. Couldn't fall asleep after. I've been having dreams again, more dreams than I can ever remember having. It's almost daily now. They're not dreams that I can get inspiration for my comics from, and they're not boring ones like the ones I have most often, they're just bad dreams and I wake up feeling sick.

Anywoo, I've started to think on my font for Typography. I want to do like a thick blocky font, like one of those German types, blackface gothic or something like that. I'm calling it Stockholm Syndrome. Ultimately I want to use it in my comic of the same name. Cindy (my teacher) says that if its good enough we can submit it for publishing! I actually like that class. I like all of them. Drawing is a little hard because of the huge amount of homework we get, and I am one of 2 Communications Design majors in the whole class, but I needed the practice. Today after lunch is Design Procedures, which is so easy. We had to design a poster, and he gave us like 4 weeks to finish it. I was done the first week. I'm excited for the new project because its making business cards, and I've always wanted some of my own. I used to collect business cards. I put them in baseball card holders in a binder. Teehee.

I'm gonna go find some foods. mmkay? mmkay.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hmm..a blog...

I never really thought that I'd be one to get a blog of my own. The most I did with my old lg was put quizzes in it. But I do enjoy reading other people's blogs (as stalkerish as that sounds) and I figured that I should get a blog to go with my website http://www.fragile-productions.com.

My little webcomic has been up for 3 weeks now. Last night I had a dream that 14 people belong to my forum. I would be happy with that hehe. But it's still just me and my roomate ^^;; Guess I have to wait for internet fame. I've been a little blocked for comics anyway. The only things I can seem to do now is my little main page comics. I'm having problems working on the long ones, especially Stockholm Syndrome. I think it's because I lost my muse a week before school started. It's also partially because it feels like I have so much homework this year (and I'm here spending time on the internet :P)

Right now I'm getting excited for SITACon! http://www.sitacon.com I hope it's fun and I get to meet some new people. I'm dressing up as souseiseki from rozen maiden :) look here for pics!

That's all for now! If any of my friends from Bflo are reading i love you and miss you! if any of my friends here are reading-get out of my room! just kidding!