Sunday, October 29, 2006

Almost Halloween!

This weekend was fun-We saw Little Miss Sunshine for a dollar on Friday and it was amazing, then watched Final Destination 3 and Pulse (which I slept through). Saturday we went shopping and watched scary movies on tv, like Ghost Ship, while getting ready for our school dance. I dressed up as Souseiseki again. The dance was kinda lame (with no food!) so we changed and went to the gay club. We had a blast and plan to go back for the Tim Burton themed dance Tuesday.

I got a profile at!

My entry for this month's Word It is up (it's near the bottom)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Keep Away From Me!

It's not that I don't love you, I just have the stomach flu :( I was fine this morning, ready to start my long day (drawing 9-4, english 6-9). Close to lunch time I started feeling sick, and I threw up in the bathroom. I left class to go back to the dorms and hopefully sleep it off. It didn't help, instead I was waking up every half hour to run the bathroom and throw up some bile. Yeah, It was pretty gross. Cheryl got back and took me to the nurse, where I was able to get some drugs. Then I found out english was cancelled. Lucky me, because I hadn't done my poems and was in no shape to do anything anyway. Now I've managed to keep down some soup, and hopefully I'll be able to get to Visual Communications. Talking to Cat made me feel better too.

So the other night I pulled what was my first all nighter in a long time, going to denny's with alex and cheryl for Alex's 21st birthday and writing my entire art history report. Needless to say, we were quite loopy for the next day :D

That's all for today, now I'm off to vector some shit.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Rain, Rain, go the F away

Today I discovered that you cannot expect to be able to wear the same shoes you jumped in puddles with the night before the next morning. Actually, I was thrown in a puddle by Alex, but at least afterward I got to run around sopping wet and yell "hug me!" It's a miracle that I'm not sick yet.

Last Sunday was when my mom, sister and aunt left for home. It was a fun weekend, and I got to go to a casino for the first time! The one here is huge, with an attached hotel and shopping center. Cheryl and I blew my aunt's $20 free play card in...20 minutes :D

And hooray for Jeffery winning Project Runway!

Other News:

Happy House of Hentai put my gift art up !

Splitreason put my t-shirt design up-Please go vote for it, I really need the money!

That's all for today, I have to go work on tomorrow's comic update. I hope to be on a monday-wednesday-friday by december, but we'll see what happens.

Friday, October 13, 2006

SITACon collage!

Made from blurry pics my roommate took at the Masquerade.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SITACon 2006 Report

This may be overdue, but I have a little time now that I would like to use to talk about last weekend's con. Firstly, I want to say that I had a great time and learned a great bit about the wonderfulness that is podcasting. Secondly, this was probably the smallest con that I will ever go to. Seriously, there couldn't have been more that 200 people attending, there was about 2 people in the artist alley and only 4 dealers in the dealers room. The breakdown:

Friday: The con didn't start until 7 pm, so we didn't get picked up by Waz (the only one of us that goes to Suny IT, where it was held) until then. I was surprised that my friend Jerin from home was up for the weekend and was with him when he got to our dorms. Then we got about halfway there and I realized that I had forgotten the sheet that was the only proof that I had paid for the six of us. Finally we get there and stand in line for a while, signed some waivers, and then had to wait because my roomate Cheryl's sister was underage and they wanted her mom's signature. Turned out that Cheryl could sign for her, but then by the time we got our (very nice) id tags the opening ceremonies had already started. So then we wandered a bit, we got to see the dorms there and ate some pizza. We left fairly early to go back to the dorms and so Alex and I could finish our costumes (he was going as Jack Sparrow). Stayed up till four.

Saturday: Got to the con about 1ish, wandered and talked to people. I found out that no one knows the anime Rozen Maiden, so my trials in making the costume look as true to the show as possible meant little. Hung out in Waz's room for a bit and then went to do my first ever Cosplay Contest. I had alot of fun with the other cosplayers backstage, especially the two twelve year olds dressed up as Kairi and Namine from KH2. They were so cute, they did a skit about Namine drawing a shirtless Roxas. A-freakin-dorable. They won the "Young fan" award. I quoted from the show, which was, once again, moot, but I must've done something to impress the jugdes, because I won "Most Unique". Hooray free swag!!! After that was done, we watched Entertainment System, a very awesome video game rock band, and then the Video Game Pianist, most famous for his playing of the Mario theme blindedfolded on Ebaums world. Then we took the underage one home and got back just in time for Happy House of Hentai's panel on...Hentai!!! My friends learned what futanari was (Go ahead, type it into Google images XD) and we all learned about tentacle rape. Then was a panel called "Your Favorite Anime Sucks" where the con chair, along with the guys from Geek Nights, took names of animes and said why they sucked. It was extremly funny, even with the Virgin Guy being generally annoying (this guy fought, even after they told him to shut up, for the right to tell us all that he was a virgin). Then we went home and passed out.

Sunday: We went apple picking! No seriously, Cheryl, her sister Karri, Kathleen, and I crammed into her truck illegally because we got ditched by the other four people (not cool guys, that is just not cool!). We picked a whole bunch of apples and I ate alot. Got back to the con, not dressed up but with scissors in tow :) We went to the dealers room, bought everything we wanted which for me was a con shirt, a present for Missy and a print of my costume, taken by Caffeinated Lifestyle. Then we went to another "Your Favorite Anime Sucks", went back to the dealers room, and left.

All in all, a very fun weekend (I'll put up more pics soon), but I'm behind in my homework now! I want to attend the Syracuse Heros Con on the 22nd next! And this weekend my mom, aunt and sister come to visit. So busy busy busy, but I will still have Saturday's update, even if it means not studying for my Art History test.

EDIT: I thought that I put this in but the awesome people from Caffeinated Lifestyle who took our pictures (very professionally) have tons of pics up from the con, so go check that out!