Friday, February 19, 2010

Reminiscing but Looking Forward

One of my closest friends from Buffalo, Justin, left here today. He stayed on my couch for a few days, and instead of doing touristy NYC things we did museums and food. We went to Nintendo World, and a few comic books stores, and ate at places like Bubba Gump's and the Stage Deli. At night we talked about high school and our weird parents. Justin's been my friend since the third grade and it was great having him around. This last weekend was the first time I played something on my Xbox that was not Rock Band. I played and beat Bayonetta, which was so much fun. It took about 10 hours and probably would have been 6 without the cut scenes.

I've been thinking about MoCCA more and more lately as the time approaches. Vanessa and I are doing a collaboration based off of a goddess that I created, Aroha, goddess of misfit relationships. She is supposed to take care of all those in unconventional partnerships, like online dating, open relationships, and all that. I imagine she's quite busy. I also want to do a comic with Alex about our job, since we work for the same company, just a short one. I'm giving myself until after spring break, so there will be no cutting it close for printing when the time comes.

One of my Senior Series, the seven week classes that we are required to take, is a class on Storyboarding for TV commercials. Last week we visited the apartment of my teacher's friend who does color storyboards. I feel like I learned quite a bit, one thing that I really need a new computer and a tablet(and classes on how to use it!), and also that I need another website. I think that I need to keep my webcomic separate and have a website just for my portfolio. Of course, I realize that means that I should start updating my webcomic again!