Saturday, May 12, 2007

Smell you guys later!

Last post at school! They're just about ready to kick us out of the dorms. I've been weepy all day :( To all my friends here (you know who you are) I will miss you dearly, but we will see each other again! I got aim now, so if you want to talk online FragileProduct is my sn. Love love love!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

*Insert Clever Title Here*

So I just updated my webcomic, hmm about 16 hours late. Sorry about that. I was so caught up in my pysch report about Multiple Personalities, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, as its now called, I totally spaced. But thats done now, and it was the last school related project I had to finish! Now comes the week of goofing off until they let us graduate from here. Phew. What a year.

So here's the plug-I, like many webcomics, now have a donation wallpaper! So if you feel like supporting me for a dollar, or just want a sweet background, go here. Thankies!