Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tutorial: Fun with Resin!

I recently got into making resin jewelry, first with pendant trays, before I took the next step and bought some molds. I decided to do this tutorial because there are very few mold directions online, especially ones telling how to place things, like candy or pictures, inside the resin without completely messing up the whole thing. Almost my complete first run of pendants never made it to my etsy store because I failed one step or another. So hopefully this helps someone out there!

First, prep your work station. I put some wax paper on my little table to protect it. Then, spray your molds with mold release and let them dry. Mix up your resin according to the directions. I use Easy Cast because of it's 1 to 1 mixing ratio.

Next step is to pour a thin layer of clear resin into the mold. This layer is the front of your pendant, so you will have to check up on it, making sure it doesn't develop bubbles. If you do see bubbles, you can pop them by blowing gently over the surface or with a needle. Let this layer sit for at least an hour. When I first made pendants like this, I waited about ten minutes before I put my image in, thus trapping all the bubbles in the front. It's not pretty, believe me! Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the mold to protect it from dust, playful cats, and the like. Then you can place whatever you want to show face down. In my example here, I have placed a sticker image of a camera in the resin. I pushed down a bit to secure it since the resin will still be pliable.

Now, I wait about a day to put the next layer on. I mixed up another batch of resin and this time, added pink glitter to it before pouring into the mold. If you're doing the whole mold in glitter, I would suggest doing it in layers, because the glitter has a tendancy to float to the bottom.

Let this layer sit another day and you are ready to demold! The mold release should allow the piece to pop out, but if you are met with resistance, you can put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes and then try again. Once you are sure that your pendant is set up, you can drill a hole in it or glue a bail on the back (I use E-6000).

The finished piece is up here.

This method is similar for the candy sprinkle pendants that have been popping up everywhere lately. After the first layer, add a second layer of clear resin and let that sit. Then, spoon some sprinkles on top of the resin, letting them sink in, adding more until that layer is covered. Then, add a third layer of clear resin to seal in the candy.

Now, get yourself a mold or five and enjoy! And don't pour resin down your bathroom sink. *cough*

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Perfect Present for the Mac Owner

Last weekend I traveled to New Jersey for my friend Matt's birthday. It's been tough getting off of work lately because I'm one of only two assistant managers now at the store, so I wasn't even sure I was going until last minute. Therefore, I didn't give myself much time to get a present. Matt loves Street Fighter, so after consulting with his girlfriend, Vanessa, I got an awesome Macbook decal from etsy seller Crafty Gal. I told her after I payed that I needed it in less than a week, and she was so quick about responding, and even shipped it the next day for me for no extra cost! I got it the day before the party and was so relieved, even had time to wrap it! Now you might know that I don't have a Mac, but these decals are definatly cool. Here's a pic he sent me:

That's all for now, but check back soon because I'll be posting jewelry tutorials and stuff like that! Also, my friends and I secured a table for NY Anime Fest/Comic Con, so I'll be posting more info about that :D