Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Seriousness is Serious!

Sometimes I can't tell when someone is being serious or joking, especially if there is a language barrier. I was at work (my retail job) and had a half-hour long conversation with an Indian man about what lube he should get so he can please his 19 year old wife. It was one of the most surreal discussions I have ever had. At any minute I felt that some guy with a camera would jump out and yell that I'd been Punk'd, but as far as I could tell the man was serious. I admire his devotion, really, but my coworkers had no idea where I'd gone to all that time.

Saturday is the day! MoCCA Fest 2010-where myself and my friend Vanessa Taffuri are going to be at booth D6, premiering our second collaboration comic. We had them professionally printed at Comixpress and they look great! I'm very excited. I will also be selling a mini comic with the first 12 pages of 20 Fingerprints, provided I get it done in time! Bridget Rhee helped me with the fonts on my business cards and they look great, so if you manage to make it out for the festival, at least come by to pick one up! I'll also be selling my Art Loves Music t-shirts and some of my resin jewelry. Whew, that's quite a few links.

So I was sick because of the weather suddenly deciding to be nice, then freezing, then nice again. For a bit there I thought I had strep so I did what any person too busy for the doctor would do, go on Web MD! Here's a precious piece of advice-"Do not cough or sneeze on anyone". Ah, the Internet is so helpful...