Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New and improved and living in Harlem!

Now, if you read the title you're probably think, Harlem? Is that any place for the whitest girl ever to be living? But it's actually a nice area, and I love my apartment. Everything is brand new, and it's HUGE. Four bedroom, with one and a half bathrooms, a nice living room, and a full kitchen. It's a bit of a mess since Alex went home and left his stuff here, and I just checked out of my dorm today, so I haven't really unpacked yet either.
So it's been a whole year since I updated! Wow. I just finished my first year at SVA, the school of visual arts, or the school of vicious adoration. It was great, I feel like I learned so much in their Cartooning program. I did neglect my webcomic but I was so busy. It's no excuse, I know, but the work load was kinda crazy. I'm happy I transferred here though. I know I would've been miserable at Pratt. I'm taking some summer classes too, Cartooning Hothouse and Abnormal Psychology. I have so many credits I won't have to go full time my senior year!
I've been working at this place called Ricky's, for those of you that don't know it's a cosmetic/beauty supply store with professional hair products, costumes and even an adult room. It's a fun place to work but the pay is shit, I made the same at Burger King in Buffalo! I got more hours there too. It seems like its time to get another job, especially since I owe my roommate Chris money and rent will be due before long.
Tomorrow my mom and aunt come to visit, then I go home to Buffalo with my mom for a week on Thursday. I'll be glad to see my family and my friends since I haven't been there since Christmas break! Hopefully I can get some of my friends from there up to visit here.
Updates on my comic hopefully soon, I'm using "borrowed" wireless (whoever has a network called "Manon" thank you!) and Dreamweaver forgot my ftp password which I need to update, meaning I also forgot it. Oops!
Bye for now!