Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do the New Computer Dance!

So I'm sitting in front of my new big beautiful computer, an HP touchsmart 3000, and this window only takes up half the screen(Artist that uses a PC oh no!). It's bigger than the TV in the bedroom! There are so many great features, like the snap feature where I can look at two windows side by side, and the voice recognition is amazing, I could almost use the internet hands free. This computer was a graduation gift from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle.

Which reminds me...I graduated from SVA! After two years at Pratt and 3 years at SVA I finally have a BFA. The ceremony was at Radio City Music Hall and was very nice, if a bit long. My parents thought that graduating from SVA is like a golden ticket for getting a job in the art world, but it simply doesn't work that way. It's up to me to pitch to companies and put myself out there. As soon as I get a nice character sheet together I will be ready to pitch "20 Fingerprints" to Yen Press. I'm also working on a couple contests and a submission to Threadless, which I will post when it's up for voting.

In the meantime I'm looking for a new part-time job. Although I still have my job at Ricky's, I've been banned from taking time off. They had a real problem with me taking off for my own graduation (heaven forbid!), but I need time off at the end of June so I can go to Buffalo for some doctor appointments. Lately my co-workers and I have been getting in trouble for not signing as many people up as we can for a contest we're running. Basically, we take your name and email in the hopes that you can win a $1000 giftcard. It's a contest I would enter if I was a customer, however the fact that the company in giving away $1000 a month for a whole year, but has not giving their workers raises in TWO YEARS, really bothers me.