Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Design Procedures class is a hoot

Hooray for finishing projects early and goofing off! So I'm 20 now, as of Monday. Do I feel different? No, not really :D My ex actually texted me on my birthday and surprised the hell outta me. Still don't think I ever want to see him again though :P Cheryl and Alex made me an ice cream cake under Alex's roommate Sean's supervision (it's his recipe). It was delicious!

Despite how happy I was on my birthday, I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen, or maybe it has happened and I don't know about it? It's weird. Broke out my tarot deck the other day and pulled some interesting cards-they tell me that my problem is a female but to have optimism (thank you sun card!)

Soon I will have a new comic to put up on my website-I've been working my butt off to finish it in time for Cheryl and my gallery opening on Sunday at Melodic Revolution in Clinton, NY (near Utica) Six more pages and a cover-think I can make it? *falls over dead* I'll be damned if I don't try!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Can One Person Make a Decision for Two?

Man, I just thought the "lets just be friends" line was only used in movies. Was I ever wrong! I learned this week that it's better not to try. hmmm...that doesn't seem right, does it?

Oh well, my January submission for "wonder" on the Word It site is up, go check it out (it's the two at the bottom of the page) and I also have another comic in the College Crier. I think it's going to be a monthly thing, at least until I go back to Buffalo where there is no Crier. My gallery opening with my lovely roomate Cheryl is coming up too, but what day it is, I couldn't tell you ^^;;

That's it for now, we're gonna run and get some brunch before the cafeteria closes!

Friday, January 19, 2007


Today's blog is brought to you by the need to vent and the number 3!

The feeling in my stomach can only be described as an icicle prodding from the inside. I can barely eat. Everything makes me gag. I threw up orange juice yesterday, which I didn't even know was possible!

I feel lost and confused. I hate being the only one in the world to seem to know what she wants, and I hate the fact that I can see the patheticness in others that I once killed in myself. Sorry to be vague. *hits head against wall*

But my birthday's coming up, so I'm going to try to be positive. I can't be sad on my birthday!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Emo Kids Smell Funny and I Hate Them.

Not really ALL of them! I just wanted to comment on how I seem to keep getting older as the other people going to concerts get younger and more annoying. I mean come on, do you have to scream along with every word?! Do you really like this band, because to me it seems like you want to drown them out with your awful-ass singing. But it was nice to get out and see a show with Cat and Litney, Kill Hannah is always awesome and The Pink Spiders was cool.

I'm glad break's almost done with, although I've been having anxiety about going back. I couldn't sleep last night. I went to bed at 3 like normal but just layed there for hours. When I finally fell alseep I got a few hours in before I jolted awake for no reason at 11 am. Today I helped out my dad at the antique mall, which was pretty cool. I love looking at all the stuff there. Then tonight we had a fairly large table at Denny's, where we recounted our favorite Toole memories (I'll never forget you burned that picture of the Pope!) Good times.

In other news, I have finally proven my theory about the conspiracy against girls with big boobs. After size C, they stop making bras with pretty patterns! Damn you, bra industry! I did find a nice push up that Cat convinced me to buy, although it was a bit pricey. Just when I thought my boobs couldn't look any more amazing! hahaha. (I'm not joking)