Monday, November 06, 2006

Graffiti Penises what we saw going into Brooklyn this morning. Didn't sleep last night because of the bus trip today. We left at 6 because it takes 5 hours to get there. It would have been a beautiful day to wander around Manhatten, but noooo, we had to get yaked at by Pratt Brooklyn staff all day. Since I don't plan on going there, it was pretty boring for me, and just assured me that there was no cartooning program for me. Oh, and they have cockroaches, and the room we saw was like a prison cell.
Going back in time, Halloween was fun at the gay bar, and I had a good weekend at home, got to see Cat and Angi and my family. The Impact Gallery reception was nice, though I didn't win it was still great that I even got in. I've been playing FFXII and so far it is the shit. I want to be playing it now, but I'm opting for bed (gasp! before midnight?!) so I can get some work done tomorrow. Good night!

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