Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can I go back to School Yet?

I've been home a full day and I've had my fill. :( But school's been so full of drama and bullshit. *weighs options* hmm...At least I've finally figured out how to get online at my house! My comic's finally updated (only 16 hours after I usually do but it's still Saturday) and it's actually not too uncomfortable to work on a wobbly little end table. My grandma's 83 birthday is today and we are going out to dinner. Too bad my parents didn't decide to tell me until last night, after I had already made plans to visit my friends at Fredonia. I'm still going, just after dinner, but still, you think my mother would have told me during her numerous phone calls to me this last week. I think it's slightly more important that asking me if I wanted to get my hair cut, which she actually did. Here's hoping I have enough anime to last me until break's over!

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