Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crashes, Hair Cuts and Giant Scissors

Tuesday always feels like a weekend. No class all day until illustration at 6:30. Cindy liked my self portrait idea-myself as "The Fool" card from Tarot. The Fool symbolizes journey, and I like the image of myself happily walzting off of a cliff ^^ It was also my first time drawing my new short hair cut! Cheryl took me Saturday to her hairdresser's. The longest part of my hair now is to my chin. I really like it. I haven't told my mom yet, I'm going to surprise her on Parent's Weekend. Afterwards, we went to Cheryl's house for her sister's bday party (and we head there this weekend for her other sister Karrie's party!) and then we went to the demo, where it rained on us :( it was fun tho, but Cheryl is now sick.

I cut out my giant cardboard scissors for the con today. They're as tall as I am (which doesn't say too much). Tomorrow I hope to paint them and put the detail on. I also have to go talk to the girl sewing my costume and give her the pattern I got for the pants. The picture here is who I'm dressing as. I can't wait! :)

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