Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hmm..a blog...

I never really thought that I'd be one to get a blog of my own. The most I did with my old lg was put quizzes in it. But I do enjoy reading other people's blogs (as stalkerish as that sounds) and I figured that I should get a blog to go with my website

My little webcomic has been up for 3 weeks now. Last night I had a dream that 14 people belong to my forum. I would be happy with that hehe. But it's still just me and my roomate ^^;; Guess I have to wait for internet fame. I've been a little blocked for comics anyway. The only things I can seem to do now is my little main page comics. I'm having problems working on the long ones, especially Stockholm Syndrome. I think it's because I lost my muse a week before school started. It's also partially because it feels like I have so much homework this year (and I'm here spending time on the internet :P)

Right now I'm getting excited for SITACon! I hope it's fun and I get to meet some new people. I'm dressing up as souseiseki from rozen maiden :) look here for pics!

That's all for now! If any of my friends from Bflo are reading i love you and miss you! if any of my friends here are reading-get out of my room! just kidding!

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